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Yujing Cheng,   China



Yujing is a conceptual jewellery artist and object maker based in China. She graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology with a BA in Jewellery Design and is completing  an MA in Jewellery and Metal at the Royal College of Art. Her works are mainly inspired by her life experience and engage with psychoanalysis, the subconscious, and writing. Her work expresses a stream-of-consciousness state, exploring the unformed language level of consciousness, and revealing her spiritual existence through poetic narrative techniques.  

By making jewellery and objects, Yujing hopes to create a mysterious ‘dialogue’ with the material world. She regards the object as a keepsake attached to the human spirit, a kind of soul, and an immaterial intersection within an intimate, powerful and subtle discourse.


Group Exhibitions:

2022 | Milano Jewellery Week, Milan, Italy (upcoming)  

2021 | "Metanoia" RCA 2021 Jewellery & Metal and Ceramic & Class Degree Show, London, United Kingdom  

2021 | Bejing International Jewellery Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

2021 | "Intimate Relationships " Vonmo Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition, Beijing/ Shanghai, China
2021 | Romania Jewellery Week 2.0, Bucharest, Romania  

2021 | Royal College of Art Graduation Show (online)
2020 | Royal College of Art WIP Show, London, United Kingdom  
2018 | The First Graduate Jewellery and Metal Exhibition, Craft Gallery, Guangzhou, China  

2017 | Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition, Beijing, China  
2017 | Marzee International Graduate Show, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands  

2017 | BA Graduation Show, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing, China  
2017 | Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), Rome, Italy  
2017 | Biennale Nazionale dei Licei Artistici, Rome, Italy




2022 Catalogue: Milano Jewellery Week 2022

2021 Catalogue: "Intimate Relationships " Vonmo Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition

2017 Catalogue: Marzee International Graduate Show 2017

2017 Catalogue: Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition

2017 Catalogue: BIFI BA Graduation Design Collection Class of 2017

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